Addressing important issues to the COVID-19 pandemic

Healthcare AccessBorder ControlsEconomyUnemploymentTravelMental Health Emergency PreparednessEmergency ServicesObesityQuarantine ProtocolsSenior Care FacilitiesVaccinesYouthLGBT2Q+HousingFirearmsProtection of ChildrenRespirators/VentilatorsSmall BusinessInternational CooperationAgricultureControlsGatheringsMental HealthSchoolsTransportation IndustryUnemploymentSocial DistancingSports & LeisureHealth ClinicsDay caresHospitalsPhysical HealthRisk FactorsTourismTypical Disease PhasesLeadershipEarly SymptomsEmergency Economic HelpElderlyGlovesEmotional HealthFlatten the curveHygieneNutritionSelf-IsolationTechnologyMasksSpiritual HealthPrecautionsLGBT2Q+PolicingImmigration PolicyCost of LivingTemporal HealthDebt ReliefPet InfectionsPharmaceutical IndustryUtilitiesWorld Health Organization (WHO)

Pandemic - a global epidemic caused by a new virus for which there is no pre-existing immunity in humans

World Health Organization declares COVID-19 a pandemic in March 2020

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Should everyone be practising social distancing and self-isolation at this time?


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bottom 200 is the world-wide free speech platform where users generate and share ideas that may help deal with the pandemic more effectively. Debate on the merits of an idea occur in the comments section. Users like/dislike ideas and comments as well as rank items in a private personal manifesto (ranked list). Personal manifestoes are combined into an overall manifesto which gives a general idea of what users are thinking at a point in time.

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