Welcome and thank you for joining COVID-19Manifesto.com.

The process flow for how this site works is as follows:

  1. You register with the site as an anonymous user, all that is required is that you have a valid email account and choose a unquie screen name. You can choose to become a public user if you wish but will have to provoide some identifying information in order to do so.
  2. You can choose to add an item for debate and potential manifesto inclusion purposes.
  3. You can read, comment, rate and favorite items and include items in your personal manifesto (ranked list).
  4. All personal manifestoes are combined into an overall manifesto by an algorithm used by the site.
  5. The overall manifesto provides a glimpse into what is most important to all of the site users combined at a particular time.

Please ensure that your posted items contain validating information for other users to consider, otherwise it is unlikely that users will view your posting favorably. While it is possible for inaccurate and misleading postings to be added by less than scrupulous users, this site works on the premise that you might be able to fool some of the people some of the time but you will not be abe to fool all of the people all of the time and unscrupulous posting will be identified as such.

Free speech is good, cheap speech is not, though we want to keep speech on the site as raw and unfiltered as possible, please keep your speech free of cheapness.

A posting does not have to be in english, but if another user could provide a translation in the comments section (at least for the postings deemed important by the user community) that would be appreciated. Site administration takes place only in english.

Young people are allowed and encourgaed to join and participate but should have parental or guardian permission to do so.

The purpose of this site is to share information about the COVID-19 pandemic in a timerly and safe manner. Your privacy is important and we will strive by design to keep your private information private. If you are an anonymous user take care not to use an avatar that could be used to identify you (safest would be not to use an avatar at all). See the FAQ section for further information on how to use the site.